At Allen Group, making great products is not just a job – it is our way of life.

Allen Group is one of the largest manufacturers for home furnishings, home and garden decor and seasonal gifts in China. Our research centers in Shanghai, Guangdong, and our four manufacturing complexes with multiple factories on each campus employs over 3,000 people, giving us a large competitive edge over other manufactures. We work together with our customers to make the highest quality hand sculpted and hand finished home and garden decor, seasonal decor and gifts, electric fireplaces, heaters with air purifiers and furniture in the industry.

Allen Home Owns And Operates
Multiple Manufacturing Complexes
Located In Fujian & Anhui Provinces



The Allen Group prides itself on its commitment to product quality and development.

handcraft This commitment has allowed for a strong ability to continuously maintain and improve quality in all of our product categories. You can rest assured that our products meet the highest global legal limits of safety and material usage.
Alongside the Allen Group, the company is developing its multi-brand portfolio such as Allen Home, which gives our company a unique position in the global marketplace allowing our customers to gain premium handcrafted prodcuts at factory direct pricing.


Allen Group persists in the business philosophy of “Contentment of Employees” &
“Satisfaction of Customers”, delivering customer satisfaction on all of our orders from start
to finish, while providing employees opportunities to realize their value. Our mission is to
create superior products through better quality and engineering which in turn creates jobs
and wealth for society – leading to a better quality of life for all mankind.


With multiple QC centers in our manufacturing complexes for electronics and wood products we have all the
testing facilities that trading companies talk about, but do not have absolute control over.

What’s the Allen Group difference?

We own and operate all of our facilities not having to rely on multiple third party suppliers to approve our quality, meaning a better complete product and less headaches for our customers. Because we manufacture and assemble each part of our products there is less likely hood of errors allowing our customers to sell to their consumers with confidence.

Our products are researched and tested at our multiple electronics research centers. We have electronics research centers in Guangdong and Shanghai which are in constant cooperation with famous universities in Shanghai & Beijing on new product development, working together with the best talents in China, assuring our technicians receive extensive training. We firmly believe that smarter employees lead to smarter products and ultimately a smart buying choice for our customers.


Designed And Engineered In Seattle, Assembled In China